Oil Spills

Oil spills need to be contained fast

HAZQUIP provides a 24/7 response to oil spills and other hazardous emergencies to safely secure the site(Business, industries and highways) including but not limited to

  • Fuel transfer and contaminated fuel upliftment
  • Contaminated products and chemical transfer-upliftment
  • Asbestos removal and safe disposal;
  • Hazardous waste management;
  • Load recovery
  • HP and UHP cleaning
  • Product upliftment/transfer;
  • Firefighting;
  • Medical stand-by services;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Spill clean-up material;

Spill risk assessments

We also advise on suitable spill kits, sorbents and other related products required for spill control.

Our safety and environmental risk assessment survey include identification of risk and prioritized recommended steps to be taken.

In addition, we have the capability to custom-design incident procedures, to improve safety and prevent or reduce incidents and costs. Give us a call to discuss your needs.